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We created a new gifting experience that solves the hassle of online gifting. Buyers simply pick a gift and pay for it. Recipients get to choose the delivery address and other product options.


Adding the fully customizable button stimulates impulse buying, increases the traffic to your web store and improves the conversion rate of your products.


Instant gift giving through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Your products and brand will be visible amongst friends, family and other relations. It’s more than a like; it’s a real sign of appreciation.


Add the button wherever you like. Promote a new product, do a special sale or offer a selection of gifts for Valentine, Christmas, and many other occasions.

“The PayPal of gift transactions”

— Jeroen Veth (Founder of

This is how it works

See how the button generates sales exposure for your web store

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Easy to install everywhere

Don't stop at your shop. Get the button out there!

Embed the button next to your products or create a button next to your like, share, pin or tumblr buttons.

But you don’t have to stop there. Be creative and add our button to a blog post, banner, or an advert on your site.

That way you can broaden your audience and stimulate (gift) sales in your web shop.


Transparant and simple pricing

Free to set up, no extra transaction costs


We like to keep things simple. Setting up the button is absolutely free. We only charge you a fee after a sale has been made through There are no hidden fees to other payment providers, so this price is all inclusive. Just an easy way to facilitate online gifting.

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Easy to install and fully customizable

We love your brand. Just like your customers do. Therefore you can customize the button and widget to the look and feel of your brand and website.

Adding the button to your web store is very easy. You can use one of our add-ons or if you have a custom web store just add a few lines of code to the page.


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